Barents, Iceland, Fram Strait, East Greenland
2006P8 map

Amundsen and Nasen Basin SIO_FAMIZ Zooplankton

Source: Arashkevitch & Pasternak / SIO

Period: 2001
Number of records: 455

2006P8 Data Archive



Chukchi, Beaufort

Chukcki Sea Zooplankton 1953/4

Source: Alexei Pinchuk, UAF
Period: 1953/54
Number of records: 1910

2006P1 Data Archive


Tiglax Bering Strait Zooplankon

Source: Pinchuk and Coyle, UAF
Period: 1991
Number of records: 1271

2006P2 Data Archive

2006P3 map

Beaufort Sea NOGAP1 Zooplankton

Source: Hopky, Lawrence, and Chiperzak, DFO
Period: 1984/85
Number of records: 8058

2006P3 Data Archive

2006P4 map  

Beaufort Sea NOGAP2 Zooplankton

Source: Hopky, Lawrence, and Chiperzak, DFO
Period: 1987/88
Number of records: 9366

2006P4 Data Archive


2006P5 map

SHEBA drift zooplankton

Source: Ashjian / WHOI, Campbell / URI
Period: 1997/98
Number of records: 7847
Data Source: NCAR/EOL

2006P5 Data Archive

2006P9 map  

Beaufort Sea NOGAP3 Zooplankton

Source: Hopky, Lawrence, and Chiperzak / DFO

Period: 1986
Number of records: 11090

2006P9 Data Archive

2007P5 map

ISHTAR Chukchi-Bering Sea Zooplankton

Source: Turco, UAF
Period: 1985/89
Number of records: 37218

2008P1 Data Archive | CSV, XLS


Western Beaufort Sea Ecological Cruises (WEBSEC)-71, Zooplankton

Source: McConnell
Period: 1971
Number of records: 1247

2008P2 Data Archive

Canadian Arctic, Hudson Bay, West Greenland
2007P1 map

Canadian Arctic Shelf Exchange Study (CASES) Zooplankton

Period: 2003-2004
Number of records: 4207

Source: Fortier and Darnis, ULaval

2007P1 2007/0000028



Kara, Laptev, East Siberian
2007P4 map

Polarstern ARK-IX/4 Laptev Sea zooplankton

Number of records: 6639

Source: Kosobokova / SIO

2007P4 Data Archive

2007P5 map  

White Sea Zooplankton

Source: Kosobokova / SIO
Number of records: 12499

2007P5 Data Archive

2006P5 map

Phytoplankton of the White Sea, Barents Sea,
Amundsen & Nansen Basins

Source: Ratkova / SIO
Number of records: 37325

2007P6 Data Archive | CSV, XML




Central Basin
2007P3 map

Canada Basin Zooplankton

Period: 2002
Number of records: 1163
Source: Hopcroft / UAF

2007P3 Data Archive


Arctic non-copepod Zooplankton Ice Island T3

Number of records: 2255
Source: Scott & English

2008P3 Data Archive



Arctic copepod Zooplankton Ice Island T3

Number of records: 16635
Source: Hughes & English

2008P4 Data Archive


Arctic Copepods T3 & AIDJEX Ice Islands

Period:1970-72, 1975
Number of records: 6999
Source: Pautzke

2008P5 Data Archive


Pending and upcoming datasets:
  • Zooplankton Chaun Bay, Siberia
    Source: Alexei Pinchuk / UAF
    Data Source: ArcOD, 1986

  • Zooplankton Kara Sea
    Source: Fetzer
    Data Source: ArcOD, 1997-2001

  • Zooplankton Healy 05-02, Canada Basin
    Source: Hopcroft / UAF
    Data Source: ArcOD, 2005

  • Zooplankton Barents Sea, Amundsen & Nansen Basins
    Source: Mumm et al.
    Data Source: NMFS-COPEPOD, 1991-1995

  • Zooplankton Drift Stations North Pole 22 & 23
    Source: Kosobokova / SIO
    Data Source: ArcOD, 1975-1977

  • Zooplankton, Outer Continental Shelf Environmental Assessment Program (OCSEAP)
    Source: Horner
    Data Source: NMFS-COPEPOD, with revision by ArcOD, 1976-1979

  • Zooplankton, East Siberan Sea
    Source: Pavshtiks
    Data Source: ArcOD, 1948, 1984

  • Zooplankton, Chukchi Sea - R/V Oshoro Maru
    Source: Yamaguchi, Hokkaido University
    Data Source: ArcOD, 2007-2008

  • Zooplankton Fram Strait, Polarstern ARK-IV/3 & VIII/1
    Data Source: NMFS-COPEPO, 1987, 1991

  • 2007P2: Mesoplankton in Kongsfjord, Svalbard
    Source: Lischka, 1998-99
  • Polarstern ARK/XI-XIV
    Source: Kosobokova / SIO
    & Hirche /AWI, 1995-1998

  • Russian American Long-term census of the Arctic (RUSALCA), Zooplankon
    Source: Hopcroft /UAF
    Data Source: ArcOD, 2004

  • Shelf-Basin Interactions (SBI), Zooplankton
    Source: Ashjian / WHOI, Campbell /URI
    Data Source: NCAR/EOL, 2002, 2004

  • Shelf-Basin Interactions (SBI), Multinet Zooplankton
    Source: Lane & Smith / RSMAS
    Data Source: NCAR/EOL, 2002

  • Western Beaufort Sea Ecological Cruises (WEBSEC)-70, Zooplankton
    Source: Wing / NMFS
    Data Source: NMFS-COPEPOD, 1970

  • National Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (ZIN-RAS) Zooplankton
    Source: Markheseva / ZIN
    Data Source: NMFS-COPEPOD, 1930-1980

  • Zooplankton, Canada Basin and Chukchi Borderlands - R/V Marai
    Source: Yamaguchi, Hokkaido University
    Data Source: ArcOD, 2008

  • Zooplankton of the Arctic Basins -Polarstern
    Source: Kosobokova / SIO & Hirche /AWI
    Data Source: ArcOD, 2007

  • 2006P6: ALV Barents Sea Zooplankton
    Source: Pasternak & Arashkevitch / SIO
    Data Source: ArcOD, 1998-1999

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