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IPY Activity #204

Arctic and Antarctic Fjord Biodiversity Inventory (AATBI)

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Activity leader
Jan Marcin Weslawski, Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences

Project goals
This project aims to present as complete a taxonomic list as possible of all metazoan marine organisms inhabiting two polar fjords. This goal will allow for the comparison between the patterns of diversity in two polar regions and provide a proxy for studies on changing polar biodiversity.

Geographic focus
Hornsund fjord, Svalbard, Admiralty Bay, King George Island South Shetland Archipelago

Taxonomic focus
All metazoan marine taxa, with a focus on amphipods, polychaetes, cumaceans

Countries involved in activity
Broad international collaboration within EU funded Network of Excellence MARBEF, database initiatives like BIANZO and others

Expedition dates and vessels
Arctic: r/v Oceania, Lance, Jan Mayen, 07-08/2005 – 07-08/2010. Antarctic: Polar Pioneer, 01/2005 – 01/2010

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