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IPY Activity #75

Geologic Constraints to Benthic Ecosystems


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Activity leader
Steve Blasco, Natural Resources Canada, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Project goals
The focus of this ArcOD activity is investigation of ecologic “hotspots” or areas of potential biological activity on the seafloor of the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic.  These hotspots are being studied based on their link to unique geologic environments throughout the Northwest Passage, including: mud volcanoes, pockmarks, oil and gas seeps, faults, slopes and ice scours.  These benthic ecosystems hold particular interest to northern communities, environmentalists, the general public and the oil and gas industry; as well as scientists, due to their association with possible greenhouse gas emissions, potential hydrocarbons at depth, geohazards, and presence of unique biota.

Geographic focus
The Northwest Passage from the western Beaufort Sea to Baffin Bay, Canada

Taxonomic focus
Arctic benthic biota

Countries involved in activity
Canada, United States

Expedition dates and vessels
CCGS Nahidik 2007-2009
CCGS Amundsen 2009

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