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IPY Activity #814

Study of the Arctic benthic and pelagic biota

grab sampling

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Activity leader
Boris Sirenko, Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Project goals
This study will investigate the composition, distribution and autecology of bottom and plankton organisms occupying the Arctic basin and adjacent seas. The goal for the resulting data will be to address the following: 1) clarification of Arctic biodiversity; 2) determination of quantitative characteristics of spatial distribution of macrobenthos; 3) influence of the abiotic factors on distribution of the Arctic organisms; 4) creation of basis for realization of biological monitoring in the research regions.

Geographic focus
The Arctic basin and adjacent seas

Taxonomic focus
Arctic benthic and planktonic biota

Countries involved in activity
Russia, Germany, United States

Expedition dates and vessels
"Sever" Sept. 2007, "Prof. Lavrentev" July to October 2008

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