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Biogeography, energetics and trophic level of Arctic cephalopods

Gonatus squid

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Activity leader
Kate Gardiner (M.Sc. Student) and Terry Dick, Biological Sciences, University of Manitoba.

Project goals
The goals are to 1) describe the biogeography of Arctic cephalopods based on historical and current records from collection expeditions and museum specimens, 2) the trophic position and feeding patterns of selected species as both prey and predator and 3) energy content and requirements of cephalopods under Arctic conditions.

Geographic focus
Circumpolar and Canadian Arctic, Hudson Strait, western Canadian Arctic

Taxonomic focus
Gonatus fabricii, Rossia palpebrosa, R. moelleri, Bathypolypus articus, Cirroteuthis mülleri

Countries involved in activity

Expedition dates and vessels
Pammiut (completed fall 2007); Nahidik (summer 2008)

Note: Associated project; Funding NSERC Northern Research Chair program

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