MiniGrant List: 2006-2007



Title: Permanent Archiving of Specimens, Notes and Photographs from NARL

Nora Foster Principal Investigator
Nora R. Foster,
University of Alaska Museum of the North, USA

Project goals
Specimens, along with original notes and photographs that document the work of George E. MacGinite on invertebrates in the Barrow area in the 1950s were transferred to the University of Alaska Museum Aquatic Collection in the late 1990’s. I propose to catalog approximately 100 invertebrate specimens into the Museum’s ARCTOS database, make any necessary improvements to storage conditions for the NARL specimens,  scan all photographic slides and original field notes (dating form the 1950’s ) and make these available to researchers in all through the UA Museum’s  website and through OBIS.


105 photographs have been scanned and saved as tiff files and over 300 pages of hand-written notes transferred to excel database format representing ecological information for 14 taxon groups and 208 species. The data are available to researchers through the UA Museum’s website and through OBIS. A presentation based on this project was included in the AAAS Arctic Science Conference in Fairbanks, Alaska in October 2006 and the Marine Science in Alaska Symposium in Anchorage, Alaska January 2007.


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