MiniGrant List: 2006-2007

Ctenodiscus crispatus

Title: Compilation of species abundance data sets from sympagic, pelagic, and benthic biota in Arctic seas


Principal Investigators
Dieter Piepenburg
Michael Spindler
Mainz Academy of Sciences, Humanities, and Literature, Institute for Polar Ecology,
Kiel University, Kiel, Germany

Project goals
The purpose of this project is to compile (and validate) data sets that are currently scattered over various sources in the Institute for Polar Ecology of Kiel University and to make these data sets available for input into OBIS.

Current and past scientists working at the Institute for Polar Ecology were contacted in an effort to compile as many as possible data collected on pelagic, sympagic and benthic communities in the history of the institute. In addition, published and unpublished PhD and MS theses were assessed for suitable data to contribute to this effort. Data sets obtained were formatted to meet the OBIS/ArcOD data standards and metadata were generated in FGDG format for each data set. About 3500 records were compiled and formatted.

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