MiniGrant List: 2006-2007


Title: Phytoplankton and ice algae species from the White Sea, Barents Sea, Amundsen Basin & Nansen Basin

Tatjana Ratkova

Principal Investigators
Tatjana Ratkova
Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Academy of Sciences of Russia, Moscow, Russia
Paul Wassmann

UNorwegian College of Fishery Science, Univ. Tromsø, Norway

Project goals
Over the last 15 years extensive sampling and analysis of phytoplankton and ice algae has been carried out in the White Sea, Barents Sea and Amundsen and Nansen Basins by the PIs and colleagues. There are more then 1000 samples, analyzed down to the nearest taxon. There are some more samples that have not been analyzed as yet. We suggest to make these data available to the ArcOD database and fill gaps by analyzing unsorted samples.

Data were compiled and formatted to fit the ArcOD / OBIS schemas. Metadata were generated for each data set. Unidentified samples were identified. The data are comprised of >20,000 records.

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