MiniGrant List: 2006-2007


Title: Abundance and diversity of the Amphipoda (Crustacea) from the Greenlandic shelf

Bente Stransky

Principal Investigators
Prof. Dr. A. Brandt
Bente Stransky
University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Project goals
The goal of this project was to compile a species list of Amphipoda (crustacean) occurring in the Greenlandic Shelf region and ultimately make this list available to OBIS.

Amphipods from 18 epibenthic standardized stations from the Greenlandic Shelf from the years 2001, 2002 and 2004 at depths between 161-251 m were identified. During the funding period, 74130 amphipods were identified, belonging to 154 species and 34 families in total. Identification was supported by visits to labs of experts in the field, specifically Dr. Broyer (Belgium), Dr. Krapp-Schickel (Germany), Dr. Myers (Ireland), Dr. Coleman (Germany) and Dr. Buhl-Mortensen (Norway). Almost 4800 lysianassids were identified during the stay at Dr. Broyer’s lab. Mrs. Stransky and Dr. Broyer found a new lysianassid in the material, belonging to the genus Schisturella. The species description will follow after finishing the PhD thesis in cooperation with Dr. Broyer. Dr. Krapp-Schickel was very helpful with the Caprellidae and Leucothoidae (in total 7816 specimens). Prof. Myers helped with the identification of the difficult taxon Corophioidea. Dr. Coleman was helpful with identifications of a variety of amphipod families and he also introduced Mrs. Stransky to a new way of drawing specimens, which is necessary for describing species. A species list was completed and will be used for further analyses in Mrs. Stransky’s work. After publication of the results, the data will be made available for international databases (OBIS).  

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