MiniGrant List: 2006-2007

macrophyte site

Title: Macrophytes from Hornsund Fjord - check list, species gallery and distribution map for web

Tatjana Ratkova

Principal Investigators
Jozef Wiktor
Agnieszka Tatarek
Institute of Oceanology,
Polish Academy of Sciences, Sopot, Poland

Project goals
The goal of this project is to retrieve data that exists in the gray literature on microalgae collected by Polish expeditions to Hornsund (77˚N, Svalbard) and organize them into GIS user friendly maps illustrated with photos of all species

Interactive maps illustrating macrophyte distribution were produced and posted to a seaweed website.  There, maps show the distribution of species found in Hornsund and are accompanied by illustrations, photos and brief descriptions of distinguishing characters of the species. 


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