MiniGrant List: 2008-2009

Deepsea holothurian

Title: Description of unknown small calanoid copepod species from the bathypelagic of the Arctic Ocean

Andronov Principal Investigator
Dr. Vladimir Andronov,
Institute of Oceanology (Kaliningrad Branch),
Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Project goals
The proposed work will concentrate on examination of the morphological features and clarification of taxonomic position of small (<0.8 mm) calanoid copepod species from the Arctic Ocean’s deep basins.

Six new species of the poorly studied family Discoidae were described during the course of this project with a manuscript accepted to Zootaxa. These and other small (<0.8 mm) calanoid species make up ~10% of the copepod species in Russian deep water zooplankton samples from the 1990-2007. Because several species were unidentified and their taxonomic position was not clear, they were not included in previous inventories of the Arctic.


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