MiniGrant List: 2008-2009

Microporella SEM

Title: Revision of Arctic species of the genus Pseudoflustra and Microporella (Bryozoa) with a new species description of a Microporella species

Kuklinski Principal Investigator
Piotr Kuklinski,
Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland,

Project goals
The proposed work will include a revision of species from the two bryozoan genera Pseudoflustra and Microporella leading to establishing a new species as well as improving our taxonomical knowledge of these ecologically important species.

For this work, collections from the home institute were analyzed, several museums were visited and additional ones contacted for their Arctic bryozoans holdings. Scanning electron microscopy was deployed for the taxonomic study of most individuals. Distributional data were gathered both from the samples collected and studied in museums as well as from literature records. As a result, one new species, Microporella klugei, was found and described during the course of the project. Altogether, three species of Microporella (two Arctic species) and nine species of Pseudoflustra (five Arctic species) were brought to modern standards of taxonomy and systematics. In addition, species pages were developed for all these species to be included in a comprehensive web based Atlas of Arctic bryozoans (in prep). A second publication is in progress.

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