WEBSEC72 stations

WEBSEC72 Calanus hyperboreus


Broad-scale studies of marine zooplankton in the Alaskan Arctic have occurred intermittently for over 80 years. One such wave of activity was the Western Beaufort Sea Ecological Cruises (WEBSEC) program in the early 1970s, for which the results of the Beaufort cruises have never been formally published.

WEBSEC-70 data appeared in a arther obscure US Coast Guard report, and was recently keyed in by the US National Marine Fisheries Service.

WEBSEC-71 data was hidden within an unpblished master thesis by Maureen McConnell and a limited distribution NMFS report. It as been keyed in by ArcOD, with the caveat that only the common species were identified in their tables.

WEBSEC-72 samples were never processed afer collection. ArcOD recently loacted these sampels and obtained funding from the North Pacific Research Board to process them fully to modern taxonomic standards for all species present. Not surprizingly, these samples contained a high diversity than reported in the prior two years.

WEBSEC data, along with that from the 1950-1953 USCG Burton Island, and the Outer Continental Shelf Environmental Assessment Program (OCSEAP) during 1976-78 will help lay the foundation against which any major changes in the zooplankton communities of the Beaufort Sea could soon be assessed.

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