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June 24, 2004 CoML Press Release

"As Ice Melts, Polar Scientists Give Urgency to Census of Marine Life in Arctic Ocean".
Press Release (pdf, 321K).

CoML Arctic Ocean survey was covered in newspapers and websites in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South Africa:

June 26, 2004. CBC News and Current Affairs.
Under The Icecap: It's called the oldest water in the world and what lives in the depths is about to be seen for the first time. Marty Bergman (Department of Fisheries)
Link to CBC Radio coverage in RealAudio

Friday 25th June. Listen to Science in Action
"This week on Science in Action, Gareth Mitchell takes us to the depths of the seas, into the human mind, back to prehistory, and around a beehive…" (Latest Edition. Updated weekly at 09:06 GMT Friday)

The Canada Basin:
The deep oceans are the last unexplored realms of our planet. And most mysterious of all is the Canada basin – a vast ice-capped section of the Arctic Ocean that's been isolated for millions of years. Marine biologists have long suspected its 4 km depths are home to all manner of unique sea creatures and soon they'll be able to find out whether that's the case. The global Census of Marine Life project has announced plans to send in underwater robots to film and sample what's down there. Dr Russ Hopcroft of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks is one of the scientists in charge of the exploration programme.

June 24, 2004. Yahoo News
"Arctic Ocean Survey May Reveal Lost World" -- Experts

24 June, 2004. Reuters.
"Arctic Ocean Survey May Reveal Lost World"

June 24, 2004. BBC News.
"Hunt seeks unique Arctic sealife"

June 24, 2004. Independent.
"Mission to depths of endangered Arctic Ocean hopes to discover thousands of new species"

June 24, 2004. CNN International.
"Arctic abyss may reveal lost world"

June 24, 2004. CBC News.
"Scientists launch census of Arctic Ocean"

June 24, 2004. News 24, South Africa.
"Census takes on deep Arctic"

June 24, 2004. Sydney Morning Herald.
"Scientists go into the abyss to a world frozen in time"

June 24, 2004. Presina Latin, Mexico.
"Expertos investigarán las profundidades del Océano Artico"

June 24, 2004. Diariohoy.net, Argentina.
"Adelantan censo de vida marina en el Artico por el cambio climático"

June 24, 2004. Voila.fr, France.
"Des scientifiques jugent urgent un recensement de la vie marine en Arctique"

June 25, 2004. Radio Caracol, Columbia.
"Censo de vida marina en Artico acelerado por cambio climático"


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