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Yellow-billed Loon Red-throated loon Red-throated loon
Arctic loon  



Yellow-billed loon

What’s here?

This section provides images and background on the loons of the Arctic.

Loons are waterbirds that breed on freshwater lakes and ponds during the summer and spend the rest of the year on coastal marine waters. They are medium-to-large sized birds that dive underwater to feed primarily on fish but some species also eat  invertebrates such as dragonfly larvae. Their legs are positioned far back on the body making these birds strong swimmers but awkward on land.  They come to land only to nest, often on the shore of the same lake year after year.

At present, pages are limited to the 4 species of loons that are known to seaonally inhabit the US EEZ of the Western Arctic.

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Created: Aug 23, 2008

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