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Golfingia elongata Golfingia margaritacea Golfingia vulgaris
Nephasoma diaphanes Nephasoma lilljeborgi Phascolion strombus

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Sipunculids are exclusively marine benthic worms that inhabit all ocean depths from the littoral zone to the abyss. With few exceptions, sipunculids are detritivores, They inhabit sediments of various types, but generally prefer silt and sand. Some species find refuge in empty mollusk shells or polychaete tubes.

Sipunculids are non-segmented worms. Their body usually consists of a sac-like or cylindrical trunk and an introvert that can be withdrawn into the body. Hooks or spines can be present on the anterior end of the introvert.

Of the currently known 166 species word-wide, only 12 live in the Arctic.

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