Hidden Ocean



Aug 15 - Sept 8, 2002

Arctic Exploration

July 23 -Sept 6, 2004

Russian-American Long-term census of the Arctic (RUSALCA)

June 23 - July 26, 2005

The Hidden Ocean - Arctic 2005

March - May/June 2008, 2009

Bering Sea Ecosystem study cruises

Sept 1-30, 2009

Russian-American Long-term census of the Arctic (RUSALCA)


ArcOD participants are engaged in a wide range of activities distributed across the Arctic. Some activities are based on shore or from small boats, while other projects use large ice breakers. In a few cases, ArcOD scientists were the principal investigators planning the cruise activities, while in other cases, they were participants on cruises other PIs planned.

These pages access the more prominent large-vessel based operations in which ArcOD participated, or will participate in the near future.

Hopcroft at ice pond

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